Accounting minus round numbers

  1. Introduction to Unconventional Denominations
    • An overview of the payment system with denominations of 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, and 243.
  2. The Challenge of Non-Round Numbers
    • Exploring the uniqueness of a payment system where transactions rarely end with round numbers.
  3. Use Case 1: Simplifying Everyday Transactions
    • How retailers and consumers can adapt to make everyday purchases with these denominations.
  4. Use Case 2: Competitive Pricing Strategies
    • Discussing how businesses can align pricing with these denominations and attract customers with bundled deals.
  5. Use Case 3: Encouraging Savings with the “Rule of Three”
    • In the world of finance, the “Rule of Three” has become a popular concept.
  6. Use Case 4: Rounding and Simplification
    • How rounding can be applied to make pricing and change calculation more user-friendly.
  7. Gradual Complexity: Expanding on Transactions
    • Progressing from simple examples to more complex transactions.
  8. User Profile 1: The Everyday Shopper
    • How the average consumer can benefit from and adapt to this unique payment system.
  9. User Profile 2: The Business Owner
    • Insight into how businesses can optimize their pricing and transactions.
  10. User Profile 3: The Financial Enthusiast
    • Exploring how financial enthusiasts and those interested in economic systems may find this system fascinating.
  11. Conclusion: Embracing Unconventional Denominations
    • Summing up the advantages and adaptability of this unique payment infrastructure.

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