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The Favourable Group Fundraiser is a powerful tool to enhance your cause through a successful fundraising campaign. It offers key features such as customizable campaign pages, secure online donations, and social media integration. The benefits include increased visibility, higher donor engagement, and simplified donation management. Its unique selling points are its user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, and personalized support.

Favourable Fundraiser

by William Styles

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Wellington, New Zealand

William Styles

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Campaign Story

Empowering Fundraisers and Investors Alike!

Welcome to Favourable, the revolutionary fundraising platform that combines charitable causes with the excitement of a speculative investment strategy utilizing a single elimination bracket system based on 3 opposing ternary energy states.

Join us on this thrilling journey where backing fundraisers not only supports meaningful causes but our speculative investment opportunities also give you a chance to earn a share of the total funds invested by members.

What is ternary logic?

Ternary computing is a type of computing system that uses three possible states for each digit or memory cell, unlike the traditional binary system which uses two states (0 and 1). In a ternary system, these three states are often represented as -1, 0, and 1. This approach allows for potentially higher information density and more efficient processing since each digit can encode more information.

Ternary computing has the potential to perform certain types of calculations faster and with less power consumption compared to binary systems. However, building practical ternary computing hardware and designing algorithms that take advantage of ternary logic presents challenges that need to be addressed for its widespread adoption.

How does it work?
  1. Fundraisers: Creators can launch their projects on Favourable and set their fundraising goals. They share their inspiring ideas and causes with the world, seeking support from a vibrant community of backers.
  2. Backers: As a backer, every time you support a fundraiser, you are able to purchase exclusive content offered that is unique to each campaign.
  3. Wallet: Users are able to accumulate funds in their wallet, which can be achieved by starting fundraisers & participating in events exclusively managed by Favourable that have a higher earning potential designed to enhance liquidity.
  4. Events: These are separate to fundraisers. Investors receive a randomly selected investment code for each contribution, then once the target investment goal is reached, the event kicks off! A thrilling single elimination competition ensues, where your fate is determined by the 3 opposing ternary energy states that work together to automate the process of wealth creation. Because your moves are determined by the round seed code, the investment round is unpredictable and unbiased.
  5. As the base-3 ternary logic bracket has been designed to operate with 50/50 odds, this means that 50% of investment codes will not make a return in that round – which is a critical statistic as it is the key to the speculative nature of our platform that enables wealth creation for the remaining 50% of people who invested. This is why we are aiming to reduce the entry price for higher investment rounds by increasing the number of participants, to lessen the potential financial impact on investors who don’t receive a return in any given round – however you are able to invest multiple times in a round at your discretion which will affect your profit/loss potential.
  6. Results: We display event results in the wallet in the form of a barcode made up of tetragrams, the number of which increases depending on how many rounds you progressed through in the base-3 ternary logic bracket which also reflects your earnings.

The Power of 3 Prime Factor Tree:

At Favourable, we believe in transparency, fairness, and fun. Our unique self-correcting constitution, inspired by the power of 3 prime factor tree (3, 9, 27, 81, 243), ensures that the game logic remains constant. With 3 representing the three options in the game, 9 as the length of your entry code, 27 as the length of the seed code for verification, 81 ternary tetragrams displaying event results, and 243 options for seed code generation – our system guarantees unbiased results, leaving no room for deviation from the initial game logic.


The history of the Canon of Supreme Mystery

The Canon of Supreme Mystery, also known as Taixuanjing, is a Taoist scripture that dates back to ancient China. It was first attributed to Laozi, the legendary sage and founder of Taoism. The text has a rich history, and its origins can be traced back to the early centuries of the Common Era.

It was translated into English in 1993 by Michael Nylan.

The Canon of Supreme Mystery and it’s 81 Tetragrams are often said to correspond to the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching.

Tao Te Ching translates very roughly as “the way of integrity”. In its 81 verses it delivers a treatise on how to live in the world with goodness and integrity: an important kind of wisdom in a world where many people believe such a thing to be impossible.

Over time, the Canon of Supreme Mystery gained significant importance in Taoist philosophy and practices. It delves deep into the principles of the universe, exploring the interactions between Heaven, Man, and Earth, and the fundamental forces that govern existence.

Discovering the 81 Ternary Tetragrams

The journey of discovering the 81 Ternary Tetragrams began with an investigation into the number 81. In ancient Chinese culture, the number 81 held great significance, believed to represent a complete and all-encompassing set of possibilities. It was considered the ideal number to represent the interactions between Heaven, Man, Earth, and the ever-changing dynamics of life.

In the Canon of Supreme Mystery, this fascination with the number 81 led to the creation of the Ternary Tetragrams. These four-character phrases are made up of four lines consisting of a solid line ⚊, a once broken line ⚋, or a twice broken line 𝌀. Each tetragram symbolizes a unique combination of elemental energies and holds a distinct meaning.

The combination calculator we used to generate all possible outcomes for our tournament bracket just happened to generate them in the original sort order they were put in 2000 years ago by Confucian writer Yang Xiong

Sharing the Rewards:

The excitement doesn’t end with the events. Once the investment round concludes, we export a list of all investors and their corresponding earnings from the base-3 ternary logic bracket as a .csv file. Your winnings will be securely deposited into your wallet, ready for you to celebrate and use as you see fit.

Reaching our fundraising target will allow us to enable the following features:

We’re on the brink of something extraordinary, and it’s all thanks to your incredible support. As we edge closer to reaching our fundraising goal, we’re thrilled to share the fantastic features that will come to life with your generosity.

  1. Group Paid Membership via Stripe:
    Your contributions pave the way for an enhanced user experience. With the crowdfunding goal in sight, we’ll be able to introduce group paid memberships via Stripe, offering users an elevated level of access and exclusive perks within their communities.
  2. Group Management for Enhanced Moderation:
    Empowering our community leaders, the funds raised will enable comprehensive group management tools. Moderating users and content within your group will become seamless, ensuring a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.
  3. Multiple Group Managers:
    Diversity in leadership is key. Reaching our fundraising target means we can implement a system where multiple group managers can collaborate to moderate users and content effectively, fostering a collaborative and well-managed environment.
  4. Group Credit System Integrated with Wallets:
    A revolutionary addition awaits! The introduction of a group credit system, seamlessly integrated with our wallet system, will allow funds to be allocated among group members. This feature adds a layer of financial interaction and engagement within the community.
  5. Visual Delights with Group Photos & Social Commenting:
    Say hello to more vibrant and engaging group interactions! Your support enables the integration of group photos and social commenting, creating a visually rich and interactive space for community members to connect.
  6. Group Wall with Timeline:
    Stay connected and informed with a dedicated group wall featuring a timeline. Your contributions will make this immersive feature possible, enhancing communication and engagement within your community.
  7. Custom Group URL and Featured Groups:
    Reaching the fundraising goal means you can customize your group’s URL, giving it a unique and memorable identity. Additionally, become a featured group, gaining visibility and recognition within the broader Favourable Groups community.
  8. Custom Group Properties and Varied Rewards:
    Campaign creators, this one’s for you! Your support will empower campaign creators to offer multiple rewards to backers, fostering creativity and diversity in our community initiatives. Custom group properties will add an extra layer of personalization to make each group unique.
  9. Your support is not just a contribution; it’s an investment in the evolution of Favourable Group. Together, let’s unlock these exciting features and elevate our community to new heights. Keep the momentum going, and let’s make these enhancements a reality!

Join Favourable Today:

Be a part of Favourable’s vibrant community, where you can back meaningful causes and unleash your speculative spirit. Every contribution you make counts, not only in supporting impactful projects but also in fueling the thrill of fair and transparent investing.

Let’s change lives, have fun, and make a positive impact together. Join Favourable today and let the ternary logic light your path!


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