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About Favourable:

Favourable’s innovative model combines competitive gaming with philanthropy by offering tournament brackets with 100% prize pools and the ability to start and back fundraisers with rewards like experiences, items, or other content exclusive to those campaigns.

This approach provides users with attractive earning potential, encourages community involvement, and allows for easy sponsorship of fundraisers using earnings accumulated in the Favourable Wallet.

The liquidity in the wallet ensures that users can fundraise for a wide range of causes, making our platform a versatile and user-friendly fundraising solution.


Helping each other is important for the community as it fosters a sense of unity, support, and mutual growth, leading to a stronger and more resilient society.


Funding can be hard to secure due to competition for limited resources, uncertain economic conditions, and the need to demonstrate value and potential for return on investment.


Crowdfunding can help you with progress towards your goals by tapping into a large pool of individuals willing to contribute small amounts, collectively providing the necessary funds and support.

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Charitable Fundraising

As the core service of the crowdfunding platform, users can create and launch fundraising campaigns to gather financial support for their creative projects, charitable causes, business ventures, personal needs, and more. Focusing on harm reduction for problem gambling, we encourage people to fundraise to reach their goals rather than waiting on a big win before going for it.

Reward-based Crowdfunding

In addition to traditional fundraising, the platform offers a reward-based crowdfunding model. In addition to the prize pools on offer, project creators can entice backers by offering unique rewards, products, or experiences in exchange for their financial contributions. This approach not only encourages more significant contributions but also fosters a sense of gratitude and excitement among backers.

Project Verification and Transparency

To ensure the legitimacy of campaigns and build trust within the community, the platform implements a thorough project verification process. This process helps to verify the authenticity of the projects, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Analytics and Performance Insights

For both creators and backers, the platform offers detailed analytics and performance insights. Creators can monitor the progress of their campaigns, while backers can assess the impact of their contributions, encouraging data-driven decision-making for future endeavors.

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Impactful Causes

Enhanced Campaign Support

Raise up to $10k
5% service fee

Empowerment Pro

Advanced Backer Insights

Raise up to $100k
3% service fee

Visionary Champs

VIP Fundraising Experience

Raise up to $2m
2% service fee


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Speculative Investing

And crowd sourced fundraising

With our crowdfunding platform, you can make a significant impact on charitable fundraising.

Our innovative tournament system enables a community of people to actively support each other, by giving them ample opportunity to put their earnings towards fundraising campaigns where they can purchase rewards on offer.

By using a predictive algorithm for wealth creation to aid the fundraising process, we foster a sense of community and excitement, motivating backers to rally behind the campaigns they care about most.

Single Elimination Tournament Bracket
Simple Earnings Distribution Process
Engagement Incentives
Backer Rewards and Recognition
Detailed Fundraising Dashboard
Ethical speculative investing strategy