Wallet Help

You can access your wallet by opening the left hand menu and pressing Wallet.

From here, you can view transaction history, and add credit to your account.

For more detailed purchase history, please look at the Orders page.

This website is set up to only allow fundraising via wallet transactions.

This means if you sponsor a fundraising round without any wallet credit, you will see a checkout error advising you seek assistance.

Remember to top up before you sponsor projects and you won’t run into any issues!

Refunds are accepted on funds added to and still available in your Favourable Wallet, please contact us to discuss a refund. We will do our best to see you receive a refund within 30 days.

All fundraising transactions are final once the funds have left your Favourable Wallet, unless the fundraising round you sponsor is canceled for any reason. This means we can not offer you a refund once you have supported a fundraising round.

Issues or refunds to do with rewards (physical goods) on offer by those fundraising, are to be taken up with the organisation or individuals running the campaign.