Parametric design & green technology

Parametric design, also known as generative design, which was used to design the HV-001, can greatly enhance and assist the retrofitting process of shipping container vessels in the following ways:

Efficient Design Exploration: Parametric design allows for the exploration of a wide range of retrofitting options quickly. Designers can define various conditions and constraints related to vessel specifications, fuel conversion technology, safety, and environmental requirements.

Automated Design Iterations: With parametric design, algorithms can automatically generate multiple retrofit design iterations based on the specified conditions. This process can optimize the retrofit solution for cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency, and performance.

Customization for Each Vessel: Each shipping container vessel may have unique characteristics and needs. Parametric design can tailor retrofit solutions to the individual vessels, accounting for factors like vessel size, age, and existing engine technology.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Parametric design can include parameters to assess and minimize the environmental impact of retrofitting. It can optimize the use of green hydrogen fuel and reduce emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

Safety Considerations: Safety is paramount in retrofitting projects. Parametric design can include safety conditions and constraints to ensure that the retrofit meets or exceeds safety standards.

Cost Optimization: Parametric design can evaluate the cost implications of different retrofit configurations. It can help identify cost-effective solutions, considering factors like hydrogen production, storage, and infrastructure expenses.

Iterative Refinement: Through iterative refinement, parametric design can gradually improve retrofit designs by incorporating feedback and adjustments, leading to optimal retrofit solutions.

Visualization: Parametric design often includes 3D modeling and visualization capabilities. This aids in visualizing how the retrofit will look and function, making it easier to communicate and gain approval from stakeholders.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Parametric design relies on data and algorithms, enabling data-driven decision-making throughout the retrofitting process. This can result in more informed choices and better outcomes.

Parametric design empowers designers and engineers to create efficient, customized, and environmentally friendly retrofit solutions for shipping container vessels.

By defining conditions and allowing algorithms to generate designs, it streamlines the retrofitting process, enhances safety, reduces costs, and contributes to the overall success of the project.

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