The Favourable Fundraising Group Gambling Report

“The mind guards the gate of the superior as a watchman, to make sure the individual does not outgrow the level of thinking that is common to his society. It is assumed that if he does this, he will become an outlaw, impoverished, and probably disgraced.

The mind guards his outer reputation at the expense of his inner life.”


Gradually people are becoming desensitized to gambling in society. As a result, over the years more and more people are entering into situations where they are encouraged to place a huge amount of faith or money into something that brings emotional imbalance.

The facts seem to show that history has always supported gambling in one way or another. It can be used as a manipulative device that when put in the hands of one who disregards moral and ethical procedures, can create sickness and unintentional results that have been shown to affect people for generations in many unforeseen ways.

Using gambling for rational purposes should make sense to everybody, and pointing out a few ways it can be used for assisting with equality should bring rise to a new perspective on the current half a trillion dollar global gambling market.

“All selfishness is a sickness, no matter what you want to call it.”

How prevalent gambling advertising is

One point I would like to raise is that advertising gambling towards youth as a solution to the issue of financial independence leaves the wrong impression in their minds. How can you inspire somebody to help with the common good by waving cash in their face?

Gambling is of course, a recreational activity that is highly regulated. Online casinos have intense financial security measures. They spend more funds on security than some banks – as they are handling vast amounts of money and people are placing a huge amount of trust into their ability to keep it secure.

When you or your loved ones are on your smartphone or tablet, chances are you have an app installed that is free. These free apps are one of the best ways for slot machines and other gambling themed apps to advertise. What is weird about some of these apps is that you don’t actually play for real money, but rather the thrill of the chase, but they introduce you to playing for real money which holds a real risk.

What inspired me to speak out against these types of games is that my mother was spending hundreds of dollars on her credit card on fake casino games – I understand people have free will and that’s completely up to her. I didn’t bring it up with her after the first time she told me. I think just bringing it up was enough for her to feel a bit of shame and not do it again, or at least not tell me about it again.

When you have an advert appear on your screen, generally you would ignore it or try to get rid of it, but it’s these subtle images such as the one on the cover of this report that are put into your subconscious mind. That’s where it nags at you. It nags at you to gamble. Which you might not even notice. Situations arise, we don’t know why. We can only process moments in the moment. When the chance to gamble arises, those images will well up in your mind and the temptation could become to much for those who have not gained the skills required to ignore these impulses.

In New Zealand the Lotto is a franchise meaning that the local dairy will get their customers to sign a petition that they can show to Lotto in order to prove their community is ready to help support charities & make accessing their platform easier. Don’t get me wrong, the New Zealand Lotto supports a lot of awesome charities (I can’t speak from experience for other countries), and that’s probably the best result you could hope for when paying for a piece of paper & watching some balls spin around on the TV.

What I’ve tried to bring to light in this section is that advertising is a huge part of how gambling works, without pushing the idea of gambling, people wouldn’t treat it as such a taboo topic. It’s like any adults only content, it’s in your face, so much so that it’s awkward to bring up in everyday conversation and if you do then people of a certain disposition will judge you for bringing it up, and it could affect your business and life in an unintentional way.

Discipline is the only way that gambling can assist in bringing the fulfilment of people’s desires. A good future depends on a good past, and righting the wrongs of a bad one. It is perfectly possible for us to adjust. The baby learns from it’s mother. These are the laws of survival.

How convenient it is to gamble in 2020

Sports betting, international lotteries, online casinos, online poker & others that replicate the aforementioned, are all freely accessible for people to gamble. On the surface, these types of websites reinforce the idea that you have to spend money to make money. And that doesn’t sound so bad! But if you unwrap the week old burrito that is online gambling, you will notice that in most cases it takes a lot of time and skill and a substantial deal of luck to make a living from your winnings.

People dedicate their lives to becoming pros in their field, just like anything. The average person probably doesn’t have the desire to spend months training, however that is the mindset these outlets are imposing on people.

We live in a world that goes beyond the imagination. We cannot afford to ignore people. I feel as though when an institution is put in a position where they are able to influence the decisions of individuals, then they have a social responsibility to ensure the individuals are not putting themselves into unnecessary hardship.

Online casinos have no way of checking whether or not an individual participating in their online platforms are in a position to gamble their money. And again I’ll mention free will because some of you will be thinking right now “I can do what I want” – and that’s right. We are able to do many things any day.

Living in the society in which we do, with profits being the main incentive and drive for corporate entities, there needs to be more incentives to help people. You have the right to call out businesses you feel are not living up to their social responsibilities. One great example and quite possibly the most ethically viable way for a business to operate is to split their profits three ways, one for saving, one for investing, and one for charity.

This is a socially responsible business model. It shows that your company gives back to the community, invests in good ideas & can remain afloat financially. It builds integrity in the community. It ensures that everybody gets an equal share. The longer people delay adhering to social responsibilities, and the greater the mistakes, the more difficult the penalties will be. But no penalty can affect an individual who doesn’t deserve it.

“It is the misuse of the mind that gradually changes life into a dismal dwelling for the individual.”

Ways Gambling could be productive

At Favourable Group – an opportunity has been seen to start a new chapter in the legacy that is Gambling. Human beings are searching for the personal experience of reality. They are seeking to understand themselves. To find that which has been promised to them. And yet so few have reached the goal that they seek.

Crowd sourced funding has become an inclusive way for established individuals and groups to gather funding. It’s highly suited to ideas that seem to have a social impact – however not everything needs to be so prudent. I see a future where people ask for what they want and can get it because of the generosity of others.

The platform is not just about releasing a new video game, or building a new mechanical backlit wooden bluetooth type-writer-styled keyboard, rather the platform is about encouraging people to help those who are less fortunate.

These people just need a forum to seek assistance – without lengthy application times and the need to seek social acceptance for their dreams before being able to fulfil them. When you participate in a crowd, and everybody is motivated to achieve the same goals, then it makes no sense for people to seek further acceptance and causes unneeded stress and hardship on individuals who are simply trying their best.

That is how Favourable.Bet differs from other crowdfunding platforms, by offering a cash reward people are focusing on another goal and should be able to look beyond the fact they don’t know the person they are supporting. By asking individuals who win these rewards, to give them back to the community, it encourages people to innovate and come up with ideas – so they can fundraise, rather than win cash.

“Technology is nothing. What is important is having faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them” – Steve Jobs

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