Favourable was created to help people who are doing their best to support their communities, encouraging them to explore the possibilities that exist to grow, both personally and as a whole.

We draw a profit from the success of people’s fundraising efforts. That is our service.

When you credit your Wallet on Favourable.bet, those funds are still yours, and you can spend them how you please on our website. Your Wallet shows you all of your transactions, including prizes you win, and purchase history from projects you sponsor.

Choice Updater

Updating your choices is important!

This is the function that makes Favourable unique. Completing this action will randomise your choices for the funding rounds you enter, and be your decisions that are made in the funding game that is conducted upon the goal being reached.

The website stores data in a separate database system, where calculations are made privately and automatically based on everybody’s inputs to find a winner, who is then notified and credited once the results are confirmed.

Each fundraising round that occurs is given it’s own unique 27 digit code, and your user input is how you compete with others to win.

Because your choices correlate to the fundraising rounds you have entered, they will represent different outcomes in different fundraising rounds.

It’s completely random every time and a winner is chosen out of pure luck of the draw. Because we know every possible outcome, it makes the process a lot quicker.

The research shows our game logic has 50/50 odds of winning or losing against your opponent at the 1v1 level.

For more information please read the game rules

How to submit a fundraising campaign

When you’re ready to start fundraising, we’re here to support you the best we can.

  1. Register for an account on Favourable.bet

    Before you can access the form required to submit a campaign, you need to first register and have your account approved.

  2. Submit your campaign

    On the home page is a link to submit your campaign.
    Fill out this form by adding all of the relevant information about your fundraising campaign.
    Remember to add a reward to offer your supporters.
    This could be something simple as a thank you, a product you are fundraising to build, etc..

  3. Your campaign is held for moderation

    While you wait you can update your campaign which can be found in the menu under My Campaigns.
    We may contact you to ask for verification of your intentions for the funds, this may be in the form of a quote, or otherwise specified.

  4. Your campaign goes live

    You will be required to share and promote your fundraising round.
    While we can do our best to help support your campaign, we recommend sharing it within your circles to boost your chances of success.